Al Safat Certification in Dubai, UAE

Al Safat in Dubai

Envirolink provide Al safat Certification consultancy in Dubai. The Al Safat Certification system has been implemented for all type buildings in the Dubai, UAE’s commercial, residential& industrial sectors.

The purpose of the Al Safat Certification consultancy in Dubai regulations is to enhance the performance of buildings in Dubai by minimizing the consumption of water, energy and materials, boosting public health, safety & general welfare and by improving the design, planning, construction and operation of buildings to create an excellent city that provides the essence of success and sustainable living.

What is Al Safat Certification ?

Al Safat Certification improves commercial, residential & industrial building safety and integration of technology with a green building system in minimizing carbon footprint. The development of this strategy promotes architects & developers to construct every building benefiting a greener economy in the future.

Al Safat Certification in Dubai is replacement of r Dubai Green Building Regulations and specifications. Al Safat Certification intend to support Dubai’s Strategic Plan, create a more sustainable urban-environment and extend the ability of the Emirate’s infrastructure to meet the needs of future development.

Benefits of AL Safat Certification in Dubai , UAE

Al Safat system increase buildings user safety and assure a more sustainable environment for upcoming future generations. Al Safat also encourages innovation to obtain integration between green building systems and technologies in building design, which in turn is reflected in enhance performance, minimize energy consumption, increasing the efficiency of electrical and mechanical systems, and therefore reducing the carbon footprint.

Various benefits of Al safat Certification in Dubai ,UAE –

✅ Al Safat regulations aim to improve building performance in Dubai

✅ Al Safat Certification Reduce Energy use in commercial and residential building.

✅ Improving public health and fitness according to AL Safat Certification guide line

✅ By help of Help of Al safat certification you can safe water. Because water is gift of nature so this our responsibility to how to safe water for upcoming generation .

✅ By help of Al safat Certification in Dubai improving building planning, design, construction, and operation to create an excellent city that provides the essence of success and sustainable living.

AL SAFAT Certification is a Green Building Evaluation System in Dubai , UAE.

AL Safat Certification in Dubai Apply to : -

Al Certification will apply to all type of buildings such as commercial, residential, ,industrial and other facilities and will be split into 4-classifications: platinum, gold, silver and bronze.

✓   All new buildings (Residential & Commercial)

✓   Additions, extensions, and refurbishment of existing buildings which need a building permit from Dubai, UAE Municipality Department

✓   Change of Use – When there is a change of use for a building (for example, the change in use from a residential building to to a commercial building, hospital, Retail stor etc.); AL Safat Certification apply for the new use.

✓   Existing parts of a current building will require upgrading if after the addition, extension or refurbishment, the existing building performs in a less energy efficient manner than previously because of the addition or extension.

✓   New additions, extensions or refurbishments which require a building permit must meet the requirements of the regulations

✓   Mixed Use Buildings – When a building combines more than one use, each part of the building must comply with the relevant regulations for that particular typology.

What is rating level of Al Safat Certification in Dubai –

  1. Bronze
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. Platinum

Mandatory Requirements (called General Requirements) applies to all of the above

Al Safat Certification Consultancy in Dubai | Al Safat Certification Consultancy in Dubai

Public Buildings includes:

  1. Banks, Post Offices, Cinema / Theatres ,
  2. Retail Outlets, Shopping Malls,
  3. Government buildings,
  4. Masjid and Worship Houses,
  5. Health Care Facilities ,
  6. Exhibitions and Festival Centres,

7. Historical / Heritage Buildings,

8. Gymnasium and Sports complex,

9. Museums,

10. Sports and Entertainment complexes

11. Petrol Stations

12. Educational Facilities

Commercial Buildings includes:

  • Hotels & Motels
  • Furnished Apartments
  • Laboratories
  • Offices
  • Resorts
  • Restaurants / Food Outlets

Residential Buildings includes:

  • Apartments
  • Labour Accommodation
  • Student Accommodation
  • Employee’s Accommodation

Industrial Buildings Includes:

  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Workshops

What is Cost of AL Safat Certification Consultancy in Dubai, UAE Saudi Arabia

If you want obtain Al safat Certification Consultancy in Dubai for your residential, Commercial or industrial building make call to our expert. Our Green Building Certification consulting team will be discuss with you about cost of Al Safat Certification in Dubai.

How Envirolink can support obtain Al Safat Certification consultancy in Dubai, UAE ?

With decades of operational presence in UAE and headquartered in Dubai, Envirolink is unique position to understand the client/customer requirement along with the government compliances & norms, and provide services that would stand-out from their peers in performance and obtain the desired Al Safat Certification in Dubai.

We are experienced in material selection recommendations for inclusion in tender paperwork. To guarantee compliance with Al Safat Certification, we optimize authorized supplier lists and manage the production of submission papers to provide for the quickest possible approval timeframes.