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Building Research Establishment (BRE), a science organization and charitable trust that funds research to advance the built environment, has seen a huge change in the building industry since it started nearly a century ago. No other time in history compares to how rapidly the building industry is now evolving – think how long it took to go from building with animal hides to more durable materials like brick and concrete! BRE has been at the forefront of recognizing the urgent need for a total shift in the way we shape our built environment to not only deal with the consequences of climate change but working in the new digital age of a global economy.

Climate change is already having significant implications for the built environment with increasing risk to buildings, energy, transport, ICT, and infrastructure. All the science indicates that the built environment will be increasingly affected by extreme weather events – now occurring more frequently and with greater severity.

BRE developed BREEAM, a tool to inbuilt sustainability into the buildings.

What is a BREEAM Assessment?

BREEAM assessment uses recognised measures of performance to evaluate a buildings specification, design construction and use across:


Credits are awarded in the sections listed above and added together to give a final rating. The table below shows the percentage scores required for each BREEAM rating.

Final % Score
Breeam Rating
Very Good

BREEAM Certification

The BREEAM assessment consists of two stages- Design and Post Construction, with an optional Post Occupancy stage.

Your assessor will gather evidence from your team at each stage and compile this into a report to send to BRE, who will provide the final certification.

Mother of all Green Building Certifications :

BREEAM Certification

BREEAM Certification is the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for master planning projects, infrastructure, and buildings. It recognizes and reflects the value in higher performing assets across the built environment lifecycle, from new construction to in-use and refurbishment.

Globally there are more than 561,200 BREEAM® certified developments, and almost 2,263,200 buildings registered for assessment since it was first launched in 1990. BREEAM® inspires developers and creators to excel, innovate and make effective use of resources. The focus on sustainable value and efficiency makes BREEAM® certified developments attractive property investments and generates sustainable environments that enhance the well-being of the people who live and work in them.

Aim of BREEAM :
Encourage :
Continuous performance improvement and innovation by setting and assessing against a broad range of scientifically rigorous requirements that go beyond current regulations and practice

Empower :
Those who own, commission, deliver, manage or use buildings, infrastructure or communities to achieve their sustainability aspirations

Build Confidence and Value :
By providing independent certification that demonstrates the wider benefits to individuals, business, society and the environment

Benefits of BREEAM Certification :

The BREEAM accreditation defines the level of sustainability of the building and its economic, environmental and social advantages for the individuals connected to its life cycle.

What the customers say about BREEAM ?

A survey conducted by Clients & Projects owners of BREEAM buildings have given their take on their benefits of BREEAM certification as follows :
Recognition & Stature : 77% of BREEM building clients & project owners have confirmed that they have received an international recognition and industry standing.
Material Management : 59% of project owners indicated that BREEAM has helped them to reduce construction waste & material usage.
Occupant Satisfaction : 60% of occupants have experienced health & well-being working and living in a BREEAM certified building.
Operation Cost : 43% of facility managers have reported that they were able to reduce their operation and maintenance cost of the building.
Higher Rental Value : More than 20% of project owners have reported that they were able to demand premium rentals for their BREEAM certified property.
BREEAM : Criteria & Rating
The following categories and criteria BREEAM assessors take into account include the following:
Following categories and criteria take into account to get BREEAM Certification
Based on the criteria above, BREEAM assessors give “credits” or building points for each of these areas, multiplied by a weighting factor in the environment. The total value is calculated by putting up the different category scores, followed by a BREEAM grade for a building.

Evaluation and Scoring of BREEAM:

An evaluation during the design phase (in which an interim certificate is given) An evaluation during the post-construction phase. The final certificate and consequent rating is presented at this latter stage.

3 different versions of BREEAM can be applied internationally :

How Envirolink can help with BREEAM ?
Envirolink is a one stop sustainability consultants who offer complete range of consultation and evaluation services for BREEAM. We under take Acoustics Consulting, Ecologist Services, Commissioning, Energy Modelling and Energy Performance Certificates services, to meet all the criteria of the BREEAM certification system.

Our BREEAM Assessors provide BREEAM Consultancy and Assessment services from early design stages. Our BREEAM services enable you to earn additional credits to achieve a higher standard for your project.

Project Types

Schemes cater for specific project types:

Minimum Standards

Some public schemes are subject to minimum BREEAM standards, for example:


A number of government departments and other public bodies either encourage or require the use of BREEAM.

As of 1st July 2008, all health authorities (Department of Health, NHS Wales, Scottish Government Health Directives and the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety of Northern Ireland) require that new healthcare buildings seeking Outline of Business Case (OBC) approval commit to achieving an Excellent rating and all refurbishments commit to achieving Very Good.


There is also a BREEAM requirement set for schools depending on whether they are refurbishments or new builds and the value of the build.

For example secondary schools procured through the now defunct Building Schools for the Future capital programme were required to achieve a ‘Very Good’ rating. We expect the latest Priority Schools Programme to require a similar standard.

Build Energy can assist with the tender process for our clients – providing whatever help you need to effectively price and bid for public and commercial projects.

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