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Cities & Sustainable Master Planning Services

Whether you have plans for a new community or want to change an existing one, we can help you carve a more sustainable environment that can be lived in and enjoyed for decades to come. We take into account everything from infrastructure, water and transportation to energy, waste and sustainable materials, to create a place that is not only environmentally sound, but also economically viable.

Cities & Sustainable Master Planning in Dubai, UAE

Cities & Sustainable Master Planning

Concerns over climate change, clean air and water, renewable energy and land use continue to draw attention to sustainability, particularly sustainable urban planning — the developmental strategies and practices that ensure livable, self-sustaining communities over the long term.
With the global population expanding at an unprecedented rate, the demands placed on communities are also greater than ever. Without a strong blueprint for sustainable operations, a community can switch from being a harmonious environment to one that places stress on its inhabitants and economy.Cities occupy just 3 percent of the Earth’s land but account for 60 to 80 percent of energy consumption and at least 70 percent of carbon emissions. Thus, creating safe, resilient and sustainable cities is one of the top priorities of the Sustainable Development Goals.These large communities provide both challenges and opportunities for environmentally-conscious developers.

Politically, it is a challenging process to convince people living in a democratic society to destroy and replace these structures, because doing so will affect a person’s habit and mode of transport.Large companies and organizations may also present obstacles to urban sustainability, as they have an investment in the current structures and modes of transportation.

There are new communities constructed from the ground up that are free from these obstacles to incorporating urban sustainability. These communities may also serve as models and laboratories for understanding the human factor in urban sustainability. By observing the real-life actions of people within these planned communities, urban planners may discover data that will lead to more sustainable urban communities in the future.

Sustainable master planning allows us to delve into the very inner workings of a community to ensure it can efficiently support future generations. The places we help to shape are built not only to last, but to grow as your community grows.

Sustainable Master Planning

Last two centuries have witnessed rapid transformation of countries and societies in terms of way of living, distribution of population, the pattern of employment, means of productivity & mobility, the pattern of income, distribution, and consumption of wealth and resource etc.Starting with the industrial revolution, the process is gaining a high degree of currency across the globe ushering a new era and regime of population growth, prosperity, development and rapid expansion of human settlements besides promoting poverty, pollution, and exclusion.


Cities & Sustainable Master Planning in Dubai, UAE
Globally twenty-first century has been called the century of urbanization, with a larger proportion of the population, living in the urban centers. Studies made by United Nations about the global trends in urbanization, has concluded that world is urbanizing rapidly, with the year 2007 marks a historic milestone in the human history, when for the first time global urban population exceeded the global rural population. The rapid increase in urban population coupled with in-migration from rural hinterland is making cities grow larger and larger.Cities are facing the greatest challenges of meeting the basic needs of shelter, healthcare, education, water and sanitation for its residents. In the process, the majority of urban residents are being marginalized. This calls for making the process of urbanization and urban settlements more effective, efficient and sustainable.


Master plan, as a planning tool, has been extensively and religiously used by planners, locally and globally, to understand and analyze the basic fabric of the city; genesis of its origin, growth, and development; its culture and heritage; changing demographic profile; defining status of the city in terms of infrastructure , services and amenities; existing land utilization pattern and distribution of housing, work center’s, trade and commerce, industry, leisure etc; Considering its role and importance, Master Plans have been viewed differently by Planners in different counties. Master Plan has also been called Comprehensive Plan, considering the comprehensive approach adopted in its visioning, formulation, and implementation.A comprehensive plan providing a long-range vision for the built environment of a community. It guides the appropriate use of lands within a municipality in order to protect the public health and safety and to promote general welfare.

Among other issues, the Master Plan can identify:


Cities & Sustainable Master Planning in Dubai, UAE
Despite the fact Master Plan showcases distinct advantages in terms of promoting planned development, capability of ushering an era of quality development, capacity to leverage economic development and making urban development both inclusive and equitable. Master Plans assuring quality of life to all the residents, even to the poorest of the poor to lead a dignified life, majority of urban dwellers have been observed to face a life of deprivation and poverty, living in slums and shanty towns. Plan preparation in the present context is considered more as an official business ,carried out within four walls of town planning agencies with minimum involvement of stake holders including people, communities, institutions, industry etc, to whom this plan is supposed to serve and whose needs and interests it is supposed to cater


Since cities are dynamic entities, ever changing, ever shaping, evolving and devolving, they will require plans which provide inbuilt flexibility to cater to urban dynamism. The Master Plans would accordingly be dynamic in nature, growing and evolving with the growth of towns.
Options for preparing new order of Master Plans to make cities smart and sustainable should essentially revolve around:

we are to unlock political stalemate and address the urgent need to solve for city resiliency and curtail the impacts of climate change, nothing short of a complete transformation of the current urban planning process and supporting technology will do. Today’s practitioners must dedicate themselves to the practice of building mutually beneficial communities.

If we are to unlock political stalemate and address the urgent need to solve for city resiliency and curtail the impacts of climate change, nothing short of a complete transformation of the current urban planning process and supporting technology will do.

Our Sustainable Master Planning Services

Alternative Transport Assessments

We’ll look at your current transport network to see how we can improve or add to operations to help streamline commuting.

Water Efficiency

Water is undoubtedly the world’s most valuable resource. We’ll show you how to conserve your community’s supply, while also helping to reduce your running costs.

Materials and Waste

We have decades of experience in how to productively use and re-use materials sustainably to minimize wastage and costs. We’ll also show you how to efficiently manage and recycle your community’s waste.

Future-Proofing and Climate Change Resistance

We can help you future-proof and strengthen your community to minimize the risk of damage from climate change or unexpected natural disasters.

LEED for Neighborhoods and Estidama Communities

We’ve years of experience in meeting LEED standards, the international mark of excellence for green buildings in 150 countries. Our consultants were also instrumental in developing the Estidama Pearl Communities Ratings System (PCRS), which aims to promote sustainability and improve the quality of life.

Community Development and Revitalization

Our sustainable master planning consultants have years of experience in breathing new life into existing communities. We’ll show you how you can re-shape and improve the sustainability of your development.

LEED for Cities

LEED for Cities helps cities and communities to develop responsible, sustainable and specific plans for natural systems, energy, water, waste, transportation and many other factors that contribute to the quality of life of your community.

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Our Case Studies

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“On the whole, I was delighted with Alpin’s team, their professional and friendly manner and, above all, a pragmatic consultancy approach aimed at maximizing the value of BREEAM for all stakeholders. I have no hesitation in recommending Alpin to support you in your next sustainability project or initiative.”

Ted Young,
Al Zahia Project Head on behalf of Sharjah Holding Co. PJSC and Majid Al Futtaim Properties LLC

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