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Indoor Air Quality Consultants

Indoor Air Quality Consultants are experts in evaluating more complex indoor air problems, explaining the causes and issues to a homeowner, designing solutions, and even overseeing the clean-up work, if necessary. Some of the issues they deal with include moisture problems leading to mold growth, allergy, and asthma triggers.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Overview

Indoor Air Quality Consultants in Dubai, UAE
While large number of employees work in an office environment, the air quality in these environments is important to the health and comfort of office occupants, with some occupants suffer from health or comfort problems. These air quality problems significantly reduce worker productivity and may be related to the time spent working inside a building.Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)-IAQ has received considerable attention in recent years. No week goes by without seeing something in the paper or on the internet regarding the subject.

You can’t always see the pollutants in your air, but they may still be there, impacting your health. Poor indoor air quality can cause headaches, respiratory problems, sleep difficulties, and other discomforts. Whether you’re combating serious dust issues that you can’t stay ahead of, or you’re suffering from incessant asthma and allergy symptoms, improving your air could be the answer to all your issues.

Potential Causes :

Solutions :

IAQ Consultancy conducts comprehensive IAQ investigations to identify causes of complaints and proactively works with building management to design preventive measures to ensure the high quality of the indoor air.
Determination of IAQ may involve the collection of air samples, monitoring human exposure to pollutants, collection of samples on building surfaces, and computer modelling of air flow inside buildings.
IAQ Consultancy uses the most up-to-date consensus standards and guidance to investigate the causes and develop cost effective answers to concerns and solutions to problems
When it comes to indoor air quality, we’re sure you would go above and beyond to keep your family safe and breathing the best air possible.