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Noise pollution is one of society’s fastest-growing environmental issues; as population density rises, noise pollution rises with it. Noise pollution, particularly in metropolitan areas, is a major danger to people’s quality of life.

Studies have shown noise is a primary cause of decreased employee productivity and increased staff absenteeism. An employee productivity study found reducing noise in the workplace increased the ability to focus by almost 50 percent and decreased stress levels by almost 30 percent.

A Trusted Green Building Consultant: International Rating Certifications
Our team has more than a decade of experience in working with several global rating system standards and project types. Our green building consultancy services include the following green certifications and standards:
Construction Certification Management
We work with GBCI, Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council, GORD, The BRE, WELL Institute and DGNB to provide the following services:

What Acoustic Consultants Do ?

Acoustic Management in Dubai, UAE

Acoustic Consultants can help you manage and regulate sound in the built environment by providing acoustic design services. Acoustic Consultancy for the design and assessment of acoustics in homes, businesses, recreational facilities, schools, and offices is provided based on needs of the client.

Typically, an acoustic consultant can perform noise monitoring for building sites one day, sound insulation testing on a residential development the next, and generate technical reports for customers to assist them to get planning approval if needed.

A trained acoustic consultant is someone who works with sound and vibration. For a variety of customers, an acoustic consultant may work on the regulation of acoustic conditions in buildings and the surroundings.

Advantage of Acoustic Management :

Good Acoustics reduces occupant stress :

It should come as no surprise that good room acoustics may considerably lower stress levels, given the numerous studies and increased awareness of the noise-induced health impact. Architects and designers are well aware of this, and installing high-performance, sound-absorbing ceilings in the workplace decreases stress, improves sleep, and even improves overall employee happiness

Acoustics can make big impact to your building performance :

Sound bounces off hard surfaces in crowded places like airports, companies, and schools, amplifying the sound throughout the space. As a result, people are forced to raise their voices in order to be heard, thus increasing noise levels. Hearing the person next to you can be quite difficult, and the continual background noise is exhausting and makes focus difficult.

Envirolink for Acoustics Management :

At Envirolink, we use the scientific understanding of how sound moves through space to help design and modify rooms, buildings, performance spaces, studios, and more to meet their your needs. We can assist with sound and vibration design, assessment, management, and control in the built environment.

Through our evaluation, we provide comprehensive advice on acoustics in homes, offices, recreational facilities, and the outdoors, among other things.

Some of consultation involves :
Acoustic performance of the building is increasingly credited in several sustainable design certification schemes such as LEED, WELL, BREEAM and others. For example, Acoustic performance is prerequisite in several LEED certification such as :

Our Acoustical & Noise Services


We’ve had years of experience in helping clients meet LEED and other major green building certifications. Even if you don’t aspire to such recognition, we can ensure your project is more ecologically sound, without compromising on the sound quality of your environment. Through proper acoustical design, we can reduce unwanted noise and vibration and make your space more productive. We’ll also help you to weigh up the cost benefits of better acoustical design, while ensuring your project meets its overall objectives.

Sound Isolation

We’ve all been on the receiving end of unwanted sound – a loud neighbour or TV next door, a jet plane flying overhead. Sound isolation helps enhance your privacy and reduce the transmission of noise through adjoining buildings, walls, floors and ceilings. It’s an important consideration for everything from residences and offices to recording studios.

Environmental Noise

We’ve extensive experience in assessing every type of environmental noise, from the impact of traffic and aircraft sounds to industrial sources. We use short and long term noise monitoring equipment to measure and evaluate the impact of noise and model and predict future noise levels. As well as ensuring your project meets any applicable standards, we’ll help you vastly improve the comfort of your environment.

Equipment Noise Reduction

In order to ensure an environment is quiet and comfortable, we need to look at every mechanical and electrical system that might be causing unwanted noise. From plumbing systems to noisy AC or ventilation works, we use proven engineering techniques to reduce the noise and vibration from your building’s equipment.

Testing and Measurements

Our acoustical consultants can help you make better design choices by testing and measuring sound levels on site during the planning phase. We’ll help you identify and fix any shortcomings and meet any necessary standards, before and during occupancy. Within a room, we can also measure background levels, reverberation and other metrics to create a more comfortable, harmonious environment.

Modeling & Simulations

We can estimate how your building will work acoustically by using high tech computer models. What’s more, our San Francisco partners, CSA, have an award winning Presentation Studio fully equipped to simulate background noise, sound transmission and reverberation. Our revolutionary service allows you to make more informed choices during the design phase, to help create the best and most cost effective acoustical environment that your project deserves.

Room Acoustics (Improving Sound Quality)

This is an essential service for every space where music or speech will be transmitted to a listener. Think of a concert hall, a theatre, cinema, restaurant, classroom or even courtroom – places where balancing sound quality and acoustics is an important consideration. Through our room acoustics service, we’ll help you design and build spaces where the listening part is easy, and not a chore.

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