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LEED is a renowned green building certification known for its safe design, construction and maintenance. However, owing to its complicated grading and documentation structure, LEED specialist consultants are needed successfully get the certificate. LEED is a rating system for monitoring the way a building is green, sustainable and energy efficient. Project managers can benefit from understanding LEED needs prior to planning so that they can emphasize important details such as sustainable sites, water efficiencies, sites, education and awareness, building and sourcing solutions which are environmental sensitive, design innovation, energy use and atmospheric impacts.

Envirolink offers LEED consulting services to support building owners with the requirements in the design, construction and management of green buildings.

What do Envirolink's LEED Consultants do :

In addition to offering ecologically safe options, Green technology and energy conservation solutions minimize costs added with long-term benefits. Envirolink’s LEED consultants guarantee that the customer receives the highest LEED certificate score at the lowest capital cost for the project.
LEED consultants at Envirolink are expert in :

Transparent Approach to LEED Certification :

Envirolink’ LEED consultancy approach is very detail-oriented for projects pursuing LEED certification, providing project teams with required assistance throughout the LEED process, giving our customers confidence that their project will obtain LEED certification quickly.
We assist your team in refining their documentation as well as developing, maintaining, and monitoring the key data, team information, and communication necessary to traverse your LEED project easily and effectively.
We assist project team with the following quality control methods from the start to the finish :

But Why to go with LEED Certification ?

Leadership & Recognition :

The LEED certification program is the leading international program for sustainable building design and construction. Attaining LEED certification demonstrates environmentally responsible building practices. This can be a big boost for the image of both a building’s owner and for a contractor who designs and/or constructs LEED-certified buildings. A record of LEED-certified projects can help a builder become recognized as a leader in the construction industry.

Better Rental & Resale Value :
Beyond public relations, LEED certification can carry significant tangible incentives. For example, the USGBC states, “LEED buildings have faster lease-up rates and may qualify for a host of incentives like tax rebates and zoning allowances. Not to mention they retain higher property values,” attracting more commercial construction companies to the field. For residential construction companies, LEED certification can help homes sell faster and for a higher price.

Better Health & Wellbeing :

USGBC’s research also showed that when it came to the green building benefits that resonated the most, respondents said clean air and water and less exposure to toxins. Hear from communities that are prioritizing health across buildings and spaces. Green buildings positively affect public health. Improving indoor air quality can reduce absenteeism and work hours affected by asthma, respiratory allergies, depression and stress and self-reported improvements in productivity. USGBC’s own research reinforces that employees in LEED green buildings feel happier, healthier and more productive.