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WELL Certification is the globally first building certification that focuses exclusively on human health and wellness. Envirolink offer WELL Certification Consultancy in Dubai.

What is WELL Certification?

WELL Certification

The WELL Certification is globally recognized.The WELL Building Standard is a   performance-based system for measuring,   certifying, and monitoring features of the     built environment that impact human health   and wellbeing, through seven core areas –   air, water, nourishment, light, fitness,     comfort, and mind.

WELL Certification is administered & managed by the International WELL-Building-Institute (IWBI), a public benefit organization whose target is to boost human health & wellbeing through the built environment. . Early adopters include financial-institutions, building owner occupied real-estate, and also latest construction that is doing LEED Platinum and wants to add on WELL Certification.

Why Choose WELL Certification in Dubai for Building?

At Envirolink we believe that positive, engaged, fit and healthy people add real value to your organization, and can set you up for long term productivity & success. According to a survey of over 15+00 employees in the Dubai, UAE, 43% of people felt their office building environment was stressful. According In another serve, Middle-East office workers ranked environmental comfort as the number 1-change required to increase productivity and performance.

How does my project become WELL certified?

Projects pursuing WELL Certification can earn points based on performance result for various guideline, design and operational-strategies. Spanning 108 features & 10-concepts, WELL Certification in dubai is a roadmap for boosting the quality of air, water and light with inspired design decisions that not only keep us connected but facilitate a better night’s sleep, help our mental-health and support us perform our best daily. When projects obtain all the preconditions of the WELL Building Standard, WELL certification is obtain. Pre-conditions are core wellness features need for all levels/stage of WELL certification.

WELL Certification offers flexibility when selecting Optimizations (like LEED credits) that best meet the project’s goals. WELL Certification is based on performance & demand a passing score in each of the 10-Concepts of the WELL Building Standard. WELL Certification is awarded at one of 4-levels:

  • Bronze,
  • Silver,
  •  Gold, and
  • Platinum.


WELL Certification in Dubai is best for all types of building (excluding single, family, homes currently) located anywhere in the world.

What is the difference between LEED and WELL?

The LEED and WELL Certification rating systems complement each-other in various ways and have many similar target. The fundamental difference between the two is that LEED Certification focuses on buildings and WELL Certification aim on people. LEED Certification measures how healthy the building is for the planet and WELL Certification measures how healthy the space and/or organization is for the people.

LEED Certification is implemented by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

WELL Certification is implemented by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), a public benefit corporation. Both USGBC and IWBI use the same 3rd-party verification entity, Green Building Certification Inc. (GBCI) for their certifications. LEED Certification and WELL Certification stand on their own as individual rating-systems or they can be used together to holistically address the health of people & planet.

Why is WELL Certification important in Dubai for Building

Comfortable for working environments can foster productivity and contribute to job satisfaction. worker are the most valuable asset of a company, so offering a healthy and safe environment is an integral part of a organizations commitment to its workforce.

Why choose WELL Certification in Dubai for Building?

A comprehensive approach to well-being is carefully designed by the experts in IWBI which spans over 108 features and 10 concepts. WELL is a roadmap for improving the quality of our air, water and light with inspired design decisions that not only keep us connected but facilitate a good night’s sleep, support our mental health and help us do our best work everyday.

WELL : Point Based Scoring :

WELL Certification levels with points

Benefits of WELL Certified Office :

The WELL Building Standard™ is advancing health and well-being in workplaces around the world:
WELL Certification Benefits
WELL integrates seamlessly with other green building certifications such as LEED, BREEAM, green star & Living Building Challenge

How Envirolink can help you achieve WELL Certification :

WELL Certification Benefits
Envirolink’s Consultancy Service can help develop and integrate feasible design solutions with new and existing buildings, discover synergies between the WELL and other rating systems, and identify value for the market and expenses for certification. From the beginning through construction and occupation, we will provide advice and work with building owner and design team and will arrange preparation and submission of WELL paperwork online for obtainment of WELL certification.

Our Envirolink expert consultants would support the project owners throughout the certification process which include :

  1. Registration
  2. Fulfilling the documentation requirements
  3. Performance verification
  4. Certification
  5. Recertification


Design Certification Management

Design Certification Management We’ve worked on a vast range of LEED, Estidama, GSAS and DGNB projects so you can rest assured we’ll help you meet the sustainable design standards you require.

Well™ Certification

By enhancing the quality of life for a building’s occupants, WELL concepts can help your project command higher rents, attract and retain the most talented employees and pay you dividends in both the short and long-term.

Waste Strategies

We provide innovative waste management solutions and management plans, to help minimize waste, encourage re-use and recycling, to help you save on costs and operate more sustainably.

Water Usage

We take a detailed look at your project’s water supply and wastage to see how we can minimize water demand. We’ll suggest resource saving strategies such as low flush toilets and water taps, waterless urinals and more. By also looking at the possibility of using condensate water collection, dual piping and more solutions, we are often able to reduce water use by 50% less than EPA baselines.

Indoor Air Quality Management

Poor indoor air that is badly ventilated or contaminated by gases and air pollutants can have a big impact on the health and comfort of your building’s occupants. We’ll analyze the quality of your indoor environment to help implement Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) guidelines based on SMACNA Guidelines for Occupied Buildings Under Construction.

Renewable Energy Strategies

We develop renewable energy strategies for individual buildings, or on a site-wide basis for master planned developments. We begin by conducting a feasibility study to identify the most suitable technologies, before carrying out a full technical and financial evaluation to determine the best possible approach for your project.


Our experts can aid in designing buildings that maximizes the use of natural light. Not only does this help you save precious energy resources and cut down on costs, it also makes for a healthier space for your occupants.

Coordinating with Certification Bodies

We’ll liaise directly with the Certification Bodies (Estidama, GBCI, GORD) and organize and submit any necessary paperwork for you.

Energy Modeling

As part of our green building consultant services, we use state-of-the-art software and hardware to help predict how much energy your building will consume. This allows us to pinpoint and implement innovative energy solutions, which will help you save you resources and operational costs.

Well™ Certification

WELL is the world’s first building standard that focuses exclusively on human health and wellness.
Developed by designers, medical professionals, psychologists and a host of other experts, the WELL Building Standard lays down an impressive blueprint for increasing the health rating of buildings and their interiors. Projects incorporating WELL features quickly see vast improvements in occupants’ productivity, creativity and retention, both in the short and long-term.

Mostadam Certification - KSA

Mostadam is a green building rating system developed by the Ministry of Housing of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and administered by Sustainable Building, that aims to create a better built environment in Saudi Arabia.
The rating system includes a set of sustainability technical requirements that projects must implement and integrate to be awarded the certificate, which acknowledges their efforts and distinguishes them from conventional developments.

White Paper: LEED Costs, Benefits and ROI (Energy, Water, CapEx, Health and Productivity)

When it comes to the decision making process for real-property investments, first cost savings are often a priority over green building and sustainable life cycle creation. A perceived lack of information about the actual costs and benefits of green buildings has led, in some cases, to concerns about whether to make a higher investment.Learn more about the costs and benefits of leed certification and ROI.

White Paper: Energy Modeling + BIM, Integrated At Last: Real-time operational energy and cost analysis throughout design and construction

As the world moves rapidly towards a more sustainable future, the design and construction of high-performance buildings has become the aspiration of developers on a global scale. In order to bring high-performance design to life, developers and designers alike need to adopt novel processes and abandon timeworn and out of date practices.
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Our Case Studies

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“On the whole, I was delighted with Alpin’s team, their professional and friendly manner and, above all, a pragmatic consultancy approach aimed at maximizing the value of BREEAM for all stakeholders. I have no hesitation in recommending Alpin to support you in your next sustainability project or initiative.”

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